Hey There!

I am Gayatri, and welcome to my humble abode on the internet!

Being a cusp between Gen Z and Gen Y, I have seen the world evolve into the age of the Internet today. I have listened to songs on cassettes and am a Spotify user now!

With this site, I am creating a space for my ideas and spark conversations with people who share similar interests in looking at the world with a lens of evolvement and empathy. I am passionate about the role of psychology in understanding ourselves, building strong relationships, and achieving self-growth. I also bring my professional take on marketing in the digital age and the best strategies for brands. And occasionally, I dive into my personal experiences and travel stories!

Quick Facts

  • Born and based in Mumbai
  • Senior Associate, Marketing at Tiger Analytics
  • Proud parent of two dogs and six cats!
  • Italian food lover, Aglio Olio is my jam!
  • Recently turned vegetarian
  • I aim to travel the globe one day
  • Listening and empathy are my strengths

What sparks my Curiosity?

  • The concept of being demotional- emotional but detached 
  • Evolving marketing strategies based on Psychology
  • Developing mindsets and behaviours that enable us to have fulfilling relationships
  • The changing landscape of education and how it can bridge the economic gap
  • Mental health and its importance in today’s world

My goal is to be out there in the world of the internet and use my words to connect with as many people as I can. So if my ideas and writing spark curiosity in you,

Let’s Connect!

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