The Dwindling Magic of the Movies

A tear rolled down my face. My heart was heavy. And my brain was reliving the last 11 years in a flashback. The pitch dark auditorium smelling of warm, buttered popcorn was brimming with sadness. Iron man was taking his last breath on the screen.  His last words echoed, “Love you 3000” and everyone mirroredContinue reading “The Dwindling Magic of the Movies”

Shah Rukh Khan on Love, Failure, and Creativity

My Guiding Principles as Shaped by a Bollywood Superstar “Shah Rukh, Shah Rukh” reverberates in a quaint street of Bandra, India, every year on November 2. Thousands gather outside a palatial bungalow, just wanting a glimpse of their star on his birthday. That is the enigma of SRK (as he is often called) in India.Continue reading “Shah Rukh Khan on Love, Failure, and Creativity”