Every year on May 3rd, I order a dark chocolate ganache cake, light it up with blue candles, and cut into it along with my mother. We do not make any wishes while blowing out the candles. We just remember the person it is for — my father. It is his birthday, which we haveContinue reading “7 YEARS SINCE LOSING MY FATHER”

Shah Rukh Khan on Love, Failure, and Creativity

My Guiding Principles as Shaped by a Bollywood Superstar “Shah Rukh, Shah Rukh” reverberates in a quaint street of Bandra, India, every year on November 2. Thousands gather outside a palatial bungalow, just wanting a glimpse of their star on his birthday. That is the enigma of SRK (as he is often called) in India.Continue reading “Shah Rukh Khan on Love, Failure, and Creativity”